Its that time of the year again….

thank god im modding my xbox.

For anyone who knows that they play more videogames than they should, you should relate to this. Every year, at about this time (start of sept.), there is a massive influx of games released for the holiday season. This is all good and fine unless you are a university student, such as myself, who has an even greater influx of assignments, essays and exams in the same period. Now, it would be much easier to resist these games if game developers didnt market the living hell out of their products all throughout summer, a time well known to dorks like me, as the dry season of video game releases. So while I sit there, bored with nothing to do on a warm (or cold, or any weather for that matter) summer day, I read about all these incredible games coming out soon. Naturally, I get excited and look forward to them, but the timing could not be worse. I am absolutely positive that I can blame me falling short of my full academic potential on this seasonal cycle of game releases. It is so much harder to do well in the fall semester with all these distractions than it is to do well in the spring semester, at which point i usually have incredibly resentful feelings towards videogames (I’ll explain that in a minute).

There is also another issue that can, at times, be even more frustrating. During this buildup to the holiday season, developers decided to go head to head with other developers by releasing their games on the exact same day. So each week, you see a sales vendetta between two equally desirable titles, both of which you absolutely feel you need to buy. As you can see in the picture above, I have compiled the must have games that I feel I ABSOLUTELY need in the upcoming months. At 60 bucks a pop, this gets very expensive, very fast. Anyway. the issue I have is that you get to a point where you get flustered with all the new titles you’ve just bought, and you dont even know what to play, and for how long. In then end, none of the games get the attention they need to maximize full fun potential, and 95% of them, due to this reason, are a letdown.
So to wrap things up, not only does this holiday season negatively affect your academic performance, it also assaults your wallet, floods the senses to the point of turning your brain into a mushy clusterf**k, and leaves you feeling disappointed with and resentful of the game developers and their evil plans to takeover christmas.
So have I learnt my lesson throughout the last few holiday seasons? As can be seen in the picture above, I have not. I am still going to be sucked in, like millions of other poor souls, but at least this year, im preparing ahead to take the strain off my wallet by modding my xbox. Don’t tell Bill.

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