Tom Brady: The Most Underrated Player in Football?

I hate to publish this article because it kind of hints to the good pals in my fantasy football league how high I value the guy, but Tom Brady IS the most underrated player in fantasy football this season, and in turn, football alone.
Lets talk facts. Everyone knows about the three superbowls, everyone knows about the near perfect season and the superbowl disaster, but it really seems to me lately like people forget that the last time this man played a full season of football, he broke the touchdown record. Threw fuckin 50. Everyone said Randy Moss would be a big bust and do just what he did in Oakland, but no. He ALSO broke the touchdown record. 23. This is the exact same offense taking the field next season, the only difference being a year of experience under their belt. Here’s a fitting picture.

The haters? Well the haters like to talk about how a big injury like the one Brady suffered last season from Chiefs defensive linemen Bernard Pollard changes a QB’s comfort level in the pocket and mentally puts him on edge. Sure, I can buy it for some. But come on people, this guy stepped in midseason back in 2001 when Bledsoe suffered a nasty hit. With virtually no starts under his belt Tom decided to win a superbowl. Oh, and what’s this? He’s won two more since then you say? Well fuck, this guy really is amazing. He’s arguably the best quarterback to ever play the game of football (unarguably in my mind but whatever)! Do you really think he’s going to be mentally “on-edge” from this knee injury? Doubtful. Tom Brady’s middle name is clutch, I don’t care how many times he tells you it’s Kenneth.
That said, am I really supposed to take Drew Brees over Tom? Really? Granted, Brees almost broke 5000 yards last season and Marino’s record, but he has no go to receiver (check your stat sheets if Marques Colston just popped into your head). The run game seems to be improving in New Orleans with the emergence of Pierre Thomas as well and Sean Payton has said publicly he would like to see Drew’s passing numbers come down a little bit as long as the rushing ones shoot up in return. Take the load off Ol’ Drew.
Brady did just acquire Fred Taylor and the Pats running game is looking stronger than even the Corey Dillon days, (especially if they can sign Benjarvus to an extension), but this only serves to open up Moss and Welker more. This argument does not apply to the Saints because I said so.
I have even seen some Fantasy mock drafts where Brady is behind Peyton Manning. Now Brees I can understand, but why don’t you just go ahead and draft Jamarcus Russell before brady too you idiots.

In his personal life, Brady gets to be the horse in the picture below, every night.

Sooo. Yeahhh.

By the way, this preseason so far Brady has looked nothing but great. He’s already found Moss for a deep td, taken a few hits, and looked fucking phenomenal moving around that pocket. Other NFL QB’s would be lucky as hell to have Brady’s bad knee as their good one. Bold? Like a blackberry muhfuckas.

To all my fantasy football friends: I value Brady really low and don’t like him, won’t even take him probably.


1 thought on “Tom Brady: The Most Underrated Player in Football?

  1. Tom Brady is in fact one of if not the most OVERRATED QB in NFL history. During those dynasty years he played behind one of the best offensive lines to have ever played the game and had the genius of Belichek behind his plays (Brady rarely dictates his own strategy). I hate your argument. It’s like when a runningback has an amazing season and the football community sings his praises while failing to acknowledge the fact that their performance is due mainly to a strong blocking presence or that tight end who absolutely levels linebackers, opening holes left and right. As for his injury, I agree that won’t really hold him back. He’s a tough player and a great QB. But if you actually think Tom Brady is the best QB to have ever played football you have a very skewed knowledge of football and/or a brain tumor. Superbowls are a team effort. Brady played a part but putting 3 on his work alone is ludicrous. Not to mention his lack of versatility in passing options. Is Moss open? No. Is Welker open? No. Better throw it away Tom.

    PS This past 09/10 season in which Brady shat the bed highlights all of which I have stated perfectly and will mark the decline in this QB’s career. Now maybe we can concentrate on true QB geniuses like Peyton Manning :p

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