Welcome Friends!!!

Welcome to the Daily Dale, your one stop shop for movies, music, games, news, health, sports, culture, boobies, entertainment, and a guaranteed great daily read! How do we guarantee it? If you don’t like what you’re reading, simply click the “x” in the corner of your browser (top right or top left depending on mac or pc) and you’ll immediately be redirected to something else (most likely to your wallpaper photo of Kobe Bryant, a new Ferrari, or a picture of you and your gay ass girlfriend doing something gay. And by gay I of course mean straight.)

Anyway, comments are integral, and we enjoy reading your opinions just as much as you enjoy reading ours (alot?). So please, comment as much and as often as possible.

So, now that the red tape is outta the way, wanna know what I’m doing right now? Eating delicious pizza from Salty’s Restaurant in Winnipeg Beach, Canada. For those of you out there who have had the pleasure of enjoying this delicacy of a pie, it’s baked on a heavenly, cloud-like phyllo crust that would have the philadelphia cream cheese whore rubbin her tweet tweet. I enjoy the sausage and green pepper or classic pepperoni. But believe me, before you die, hit Salty’s.
such a slut
On my 52 inch Sharp Aquos LCD television, I am currently enjoying some NFL network. My draft is this sunday and fuck am I excited. By the way friends, for all sports updates please direct your attention to http://www.beerswithboggs.com, an affiliate of our page and a true goldmine in the sports blog world.
Thanks for reading, and look forward to lots of insightful, sometimes random, and often hilarious takes on this crazy world we live in.
“In such an unpredictable life, ye can always have faith in some fuckin great shit from the daily dale.”  – William Shakespeare, 1504

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