Roman Abramovich, eat your heart out.

The best football news of the week. Chelsea have just been hit with a 2 YEAR SIGNING BAN. Thats right, the almighty Chelsea F.C., with the smug, billionaire russian owner, have just been informed by FIFA, the governing body of football, that they can not sign ANY new players until January 2011. That means that for the next two registration periods (January transfer window 2010 and Summer transfer window 2010), Chelsea’s team will stay the same, whether they like it or not. No longer can Roman Abramovich throw around his dirty russian money to buy his way into the top 4. Why you ask, has such a harsh punishment been inflicted on this poor West London team? Because they broke the rules. plain and simple.

This all stems from a young french player by the name of Gael Kakuta, who had been signed by the french club Lens. When the player was 16, Chelsea induced the player to break his contract with Lens and sign on with them. Basically, they poached the player from a smaller team with less appeal and less money. They bullied there way into getting what they want, in true Chelsea fashion. Now, they are paying for it dearly. Both the club and Kakuta himself have been fined 780,000 euro EACH, but more importantly to Chelsea, they cannot use Abramovich’s chequebook to buy success for one whole year.
Alot of people hate Chelsea (including me), because of this reason. Arsenal is known for buying young players and molding them into superstars, Manchester United has some of the best leadership in the world under Sir Alex Ferguson, and Liverpool is basically hit or miss depending on their coach (at the moment Rafa Benitez is steering them in the right direction). But Chelsea has shown blatant disregard for convential football tactics, by essentially buying the most expensive players and firing coaches left right and center until they find one that fits. In the last 2 seasons, Chelsea has been through 3 coaches, one of them being Phil Scolari, the Portuguese international coach, and in my opinion, one of the best coaches in the world. If a team cant thrive under Scolari, then there’s an issue with the team, not the coach.
In my opinion, this type of punishment has been a long time coming for Chelsea. They have bullied their way around the premier league, been unsportsmanlike and essentially parasitic to the beautiful game. They play boring football, they bitch and moan like children when they lose, and in all honesty, the sport would be better off without them. This is a small step in the right direction. Nice work FIFA.

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