Lexus has balls.

Lexus has proven once again why they are just plain awesome. Most car manufacturers who sponsor sporting events put up signs bearing their logos, usually with some stupid caption underneath, as well as emblazoning shirts and hats and anything else they can with their logo. Conventional promotion. But the point of promotion is to get people’s attention and get your company’s name into people’s minds and mouths…right? That is the point of promotion?
Well, UNLIKE other car manufacturers, Lexus gets the point.

Behold, the Official car of the US Open. A Lexus IS350 completely covered with fluorescent yellow TENNIS BALL FUZZ. That’s right. Tennis ball fuzz. Now if that doesn’t get peoples attention, I dont know what will. I dont particularly care for tennis, and didnt even know that the US Open was on, but because of Lexus’ highlighted (or would it be highlit?) promo vehicle, now I do. Not only have they impressed me and managed to get my attention, they ALSO brought attention to the sporting event itself, which is an extra perk that the US Open gets for free. If I was in charge of finding sponsors, I’d be knocking on Lexus’ door. Creativity and imagination can get you a long way in the world of marketing.
Now at the beginning of this post, I mentioned that Lexus had “proven AGAIN” why they are just plain awesome. Thats because the tennis ball lexus is not the first of its kind. For the last US Open GOLF tournament, they took their top of the line LS sedan and dimpled the whole thing as well as putting the perfect coat of white on to replicate a golf ball. Thats right…a golf ball Lexus. Behold.

THIS is the sort of thing that catches peoples attention. Not the shirt that ends up at the back of your closet, only seeing the light of day when you are washing your car. Or painting. Or gardening. Or eating spaghetti.

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