The Audi R8 Droptop: Chocolate Rocket

This isnt so much a post as it is me sharing pictures of the new R8 droptop. The reason being, there isnt much to post about until they officially release this car next week at the Frankfurt motor show. Until then, here are some snaps of this absolutely ridiculous car.

the blades on the side of the coupe have been replaced with big gaping air vents. nice touch.
if you had xray vision, you’d be able to see the 5.2L Lamborghini V10 engine…but you don’t…so check out that hot ass instead. The decklid is gorgeous, but still no snaps with the top up…
more hot ass…that chocolate paintjob is insane.
profile shot…notice the brushed aluminum windshield trim

1 thought on “The Audi R8 Droptop: Chocolate Rocket

  1. that is the sickest color for a car ive ever seen…I'd dip my dick in that and suck myself off

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