This is absolutely disgusting. And I don't mean that in a good way.

Last night, TMZ got footage of Tom Green and Steve O standing on the back of their “rap producer’s” Lamborghini Murcielago.

Where do I start.

1. I cannot even begin to comprehend how some douchebag who produces music for Tom Green and Steve O can afford a car like that.

2. When watching this video, all I see is a bunch of losers desperately trying to get attention. Apparently no one payed attention to them IN the club, so they decided to come out and act like a bunch of morons.

3. A certain degree of appreciation is to be expected when you purchase a car like that. The idiot owner (the guy who told Tom Green to join him on the decklid) obviously has more money than sense, and truly does not deserve the privilege of owning and driving that car.

4. Tom Green STEPS ON THE HYDRAULIC VENT on the back of the car. It hurt me to hear that thing snap back into place, but I sincerely hope it is broken and costs the douchebag a good amount of money to fix. I will go further and say I hope that they can’t fix it, and that that vent will not go up again, so he looks like a total idiot when driving it, and ruins the aerodynamics.

5. Never have I seen a bunch of D-Listers so desperate for attention that they are willing to put their own worldy possessions in jeopardy to get it. Totally pathetic if you ask me.

6. Last but not least, don’t flatter yourself. That car is NOT worth half a million dollars, in fact its probably not even worth half that at this point. The dual exhausts on the back show that its not an LP-640, therefore it is at least a couple of years old. Get your facts right before you blurt out some arrogant bullshit.

7. I will admit, it is HILARIOUS when that stupid broad jumps on the car and they tell her to get off. If that’s not embarassing, I don’t know what is. And she probably still ended up going home with one of them.


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