Italian Origami: The Lamborghini Reventon Roadster

Recently, a close friend of mine and I had an interesting conversation about supercars. When I say supercars, I mean the recent wave of technological behemoths that retail for over a million dollars, from some of the world’s most prestigious car companies. I asked my friend the best “If you won the lottery” question that I’ve thought of for a good while. If you won the lottery, would you buy a Bugatti Veyron, an Aston Martin One-77 or a Lamborghini Reventon?
After going back and forth for a bit, he concluded that he would take the Bugatti Veyron, without a doubt. I disagreed.
The Bugatti Veyron costs 1.4 million dollars, goes 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, and has a top speed over 250 miles per hour. (It DOES have a 1001 horsepower V16 engine with 4 goddamn turbos). Its rare, but not too rare cause Scott Storch has one had one (he is now a broke bum who doesn’t pay child support). So if someone as common as Scott Storch could have one, then anyone who has the money could get their hands on one…with a little effort. There are also seven different special edition Veyrons. Too common for me.

The Aston Martin One-77 costs 1.2 million POUNDS. It hits 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, and tops out at 212 mph. Under the hood lies a 750hp V12 engine. They have made a limited run of 77 of these beasts (all spoken for). Although it is an absolutely gorgeous car, both inside and out…it looks a bit too much like an Aston. Now thats not a bad thing, but when you’re dropping 2 million USD on a vehicle, you want to make sure that it looks like 2 million bucks…and the Aston, although beautiful, just doesn’t. (It’s also too classy for me, but thats another post altogether).
So now that we’ve looked at these two amazing machines (albeit in brief), you might be thinking..”how insane can the Lamborghini Reventon possibly be??”. Absolutely, positively f**king insane.
The Lamborghini Murcielago, the car upon which the Reventon is based, is already one hell of a car. It is also one of the most eye catching vehicles you are likely to see on the street. So some ridiculously cool italian gentleman over at Lamborghini had a vision (likely derived from a wet dream), about a Murcielago making sweet love to a fighter jet, and pooping out a baby. Well this is what that baby would look like.

This gentleman must have had some pull at Lambo headquarters, because his wet dream became a reality that we can now all salivate over. The Lamborghini Reventon itself is an amazing, amazing vehicle, but my the straw that broke the camel’s back in my decision to ditch the Veyron and the One77 was the upcoming Roadster pictured above (and below). This thing’s wider than an airplane passenger requiring two seats, lower than a dead man’s blood pressure, and has more folds in the sheetmetal than even the most complicated of origami sculptures (are they considered sculptures? hmmm…). A price tag of 1.2 million euros gets you one of NINE Reventon Roadsters, packing  the biggest engine lambo has ever made, the V12 from the recently released LP 670-4 Super Veloce. Considering the Reventon coupe would run you to 60mph in 3.4 seconds, and keep going until it hit 212 mph, (with the standard Murcielago engine), you can expect the Roadster to be  an f’n quick little dandy.

So now maybe you understand why I chose the Reventon over the Bugatti and the One77. In reality, speed is only a number…unless you live in Germany (and who does), you can rarely really enjoy the speed of any of these cars. The technological advancements in the Bugatti are just not my style. There is no substitute for raw, unadulterated power. The closer to a race car the better. So the Bugatti’s out. For many of the same reasons, the Aston is out, but also, because it just doesn’t stand out in this crowd. The Bugatti is unique in design, like nothing else on the road, but the Aston just looks like…well…an Aston. I could essentially get the same wow factor from bystanders on the street by spending 300 grand on a DBS. I just can’t justify the other 1.7 million.
But the Lambo is a work of art, its loud and obnoxious, and you are one of 9 people in the world who have one. 9. not even 10. You have to be INVITED to buy this car. You can sit at Lamborghini’s doorstep with twice the msrp in your hands begging and pleading to buy the car and they  would politely tell you to “vattene”. Now thats as cool as it gets.


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