Car Configurators Galore! The best way to waste time daydreaming…

Its Saturday, so I’m lying in bed watching soccer from across the pond. On the TV I’m watching Liverpool vs. Burnley and on the computer is Arsenal vs. Manchester City. I love Saturdays.

But because I’m watching soccer, I don’t have time to post anything deep or insightful, or even remotely interesting, so instead I’ve provided links to one of my favourite internet pasttimes. Car Configurators! I absolutely love being able to option out expensive cars, and the more comprehensive the configurator, the more fun. So I’ve compiled a list, starting with the best ones, so that you can waste the next hour building the car (or cars) of your dreams. Enjoy!

Bugatti Configurator


Aston Martin Configurator


Bentley Configurator


Maserati Configurator


So those are the most comprehensive of the car configurators…I will include links, but not pictures for a couple others which only have basic paint/interior schemes. The 4 that you see above should kill an ample amount of time as it is. Hope you enjoy.

Porsche Configurator

Mercedes SLS Configurator

Lotus Configurator

And last but DEFINATELY not least, I set up an account and lied my way into the official Ferrari owners website (the only place you can configurate Ferrari’s)

The website link is here and to login in, use these details


password: thedailydale

(please dont be a douche and change any of the info in the Ferrari Owner’s account…I set up the account for the sole reason of sharing it with you guys, and it was difficult, as I had to enter a valid Ferrari VIN number. So enjoy as much as you like, but don’t ruin the fun for everyone else)

Then, once your in, go to the Atelier, and play away!!

Salt and Pepper
Salt and Pepper

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