Hubba Bubba Bentley

bubblegum insides...
bubblegum insides...

Check out the new offering from German based tuning house Mansory. This Bentley Continental GT has one of the sickest interiors I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, you can’t have one. Not only does it have a price tag of €269,000 (almost 400 grand USD), but they are only making three of them. The company, who are famous for radical modifications on British cars, also have tuning programs for Aston Martins, the Ferrari 599, the McLaren SLR, and the Bugatti Veyron. Although their modified Bugatti Veyron, called the Vincero, is an amazing piece of work, costing a million bucks ON TOP of the Bugatti’s already insane 1.4 million dollar ticket price, their stand out vehicle, and the one that made them famous (and coincidentally one of my favourite cars of all time), is the murdered out Rolls Phantom Conquistador. Just check out this disgusting piece of work.


Anyway, back to the Bubblegum Bentley, aptly titled the Vitesse Rose. There’s a good reason I only showed you the interior, as the outside of the car is fugly. I don’t mind the bodywork, but the combination of Pepto pink and Carbon fibre looks like a Fast and the Furious car gone wrong. And a Fast and the Furious reference should NEVER be made when talking about a Bentley. See for yourself below. (For more pics, hit up Autoblog’s post).



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