Frankfurt Motor Show 2009: First Day Update

Sorry I haven’t posted for over 24 hours, but I’ve actually been busy for once. Anyway, I have a small window of time so i thought I’d feed you with your Daily Dale fix.

The Frankfurt Motor Show started today, and my oh my, is it a big one. Because of the world’s economic crisis that has been ongoing for the past year (but according to Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, as of today,  is “very likely over”), the automotive industry had halted alot of research and development, and even pulled out of some of the biggest car shows (read: Detroit), but it looks like the big boys are back in style at Frankfurt today. Let’s just take a look at the list of companies unveiling new vehicles. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Aston Martin, Maserati and BMW. Yup, that about sums up every big boy in the industry.

Some of these unveilings are significantly more exciting than others, and for time’s (and interest’s) sake, I’m going to focus on those. (If you want to see an uninteresting new car, check out the BMW  X1)

Here are the top 5 showcases of the day.

1. The Lamborghini Reventon Roadster.

I’ve previously posted about this car, so I wont go into detail, but here it is, in the flesh, officially unveiled. Hands down the sexiest drop top on the planet. I dare you to argue with me. (More pics here)


2. The Ferrari 458 Italia.

The first mid-engined car that Ferrari has built from the ground up for over a decade. Controversial styling apparently, ….but I don’t really understand whats controversial about this. It’s sicker than a fat broad with bedsores. (More here)

458 italia

3. Bentley Mulsanne.

First time that Bentley has shyed away from the classic 4 round lights on the front fascia in a long, long while. They didn’t shy away by much, but the upgraded look to the big Bentley is unique and awesome. (More here


4.  Rolls Royce Ghost

The baby Phantom…but hardly a baby with a 6.6 V12 producing 563hp (More here)


5.  Aston Martin Rapide

4 door Aston FINALLY comes out. (More here)


More to come later.


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