Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Edition Xbox 360!!!!!


Thats right. Check this baby out. $399 USD will get you this nicely done up xbox (I prefer the Halo 3 one), with a 250 gb hard drive,  two controllers AND THE GAME. Considering a normal Xbox 360 Elite, with a 120 gb hard drive and one controller will run you $299 USD, plus an extra controller ($49.99), another 120gb hard drive ($149.99) and the game ($59.99)….the Modern Warfare 2 bundle seems like a pretty crazy deal…you basically get $560 bucks worth of stuff for $399, and you get a limited edition xbox.

Downsides. (If you’re really diehard), the bundle comes with the standard game…not the collectors edition, and not the prestige sorry, no night vision goggles. Also, the controllers will just be standard controllers…(wireless, not wired)…there will be no modern warfare 2 trimmin’s or special colours on the controllers. (My favourite part about my Halo 3 edition Xbox was the army green controller).

Ok. I need to stop blogging now. I’m starting to feel maniacal. Overdose of the Daily Dale today. Hope you guys enjoy. I’m going to bed.


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