Facebook Voice Chat coming in the next few weeks..

facebookvoicechatSometime in the next few weeks, we can expect to get voice chat for Facebook via a third party plug in. Boston based company Vivox is responsible for the plug in, and once released, anyone with the plugin installed can chat freely with each other on Facebook. Vivox is also planning on offering free dial in phone numbers that will allow people that are NOT on facebook to chat with people that ARE on facebook. Neat. (There’s not really any point in elaborating, as the rest of the details aren’t particularly important or interesting. Bottom line is, Facebook is going to get a little better).  (If you want more deets, read about them here).

So finally, here’s your chance to talk to that cute girl that you’ve been to0 shy to ask for a phone number from. Or to become a full blown online stalker.


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