Reduce Carbon Emissions? pffffff…Mansory Doesn’t think so.


Mansory (yup, same guys that did the bubblegum Bentley) has done it again. They have managed to blow my socks off. (no… literally…I can’t find them anywhere…I checked under my bed and everything). Behold, the flippin ridiculous carbon fibre whore of an aston martin Mansory Cyrus. Aston Martin’s are generally considered classy vehicles, but there is no class when it comes to the Cyrus. This thing is a pure, unadulterated carbon fibre orgasm. The WHOLE CAR is carbon fibre, except for the rear bumper which was apparently too hard to mold in CF for whatever reason, so they had to use  adhesive to glue a carbon fibre shell on the original panels. So I guess the whole car is not really carbon fibre. But STILL. This is the most amazing piece of work I’ve seen in CF since the Koenigsegg CCXR. As a matter of fact, this kicks the living shit out of the CCXR design-wise (lets forget the racetrack for a second). This might very well be the hottest carbon fibre car in the world.

forget the carbon fibre for a second and check out that bodywork.
forget the carbon fibre for a second and check out that bodywork.

So enough rambling, I want to keep this short so I can post lots of pics instead of sending you to a link to get them. You want one of these? Then you better be willing to go out and buy yourself a brand new Aston DB9, which’ll run you anywhere between $180K and $200K USD, then get ahold of Mansory, write them a cheque for $558,000 and Voila! You’ll have one in your garage! While they rip apart your brand new Aston and strip it naked in favour of charcoal, Mansory also does a quick engine tune which pushes the stock engine up 28 horses. Is it worth 3/4 of a million bucks? Um yea, look at it. They’d move an SLR out of the top valet spot if you pulled up in this. That’s cool. (Check out more pics here. Seriously. Do it.)



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