Best. Iphone Case. Ever.

cardboard iphone quote

Looking for a new way to protect your iphone in a hip and trendy way? Look elsewhere. If you want to be the coolest guy in the restaurant/club/bingo hall, then check out this new Recession Case from CaseMate. Yes, this thing is real. Yes, you can buy it right now. And yes, this will elevate your awesome status in my eyes, significantly. For just 99 cents, you can buy this iphone case, which is literally, as you can see, a cardboard box. But it’s a whole lot more than that. By using this case, you are exemplifying the fact that you didn’t buy your iphone because everyone else is buying an iphone. You bought it because you like the features and think its a good phone. You dont care that its ugly (which it is, lets be honest), you don’t care about spending 50 bucks on some stupid brightly coloured case that screams “Hey! I have an Iphone!”….you just like the phone. And, by using the recession case, you show any girl (or guy) that you may be trying to impress, that you have an amazing sense of humor. It’s like buying a Bentley Continental GT, then switching the Bentley badges to Hyundai badges.

no funny caption needed here. You can actually get it personalized with Sharpie.
no funny caption needed here. You can actually get it personalized with Sharpie.

You show that you have the money to buy an iphone, but you also have the gall to display it in a cardboard box. Forget about ergonomics and practicality (it IS only 99 cents), you are making the ultimate statement. I am not even remotely kidding, this is the first accessory I’ve ever seen that makes me wish I had an iphone. If you do have an iphone, you would be absolutely braindead not to order one (or two or three) of these babies. I guarantee you will get your money’s worth the first time you sit down at a restaurant and put your phone on the table. I dare someone to get one of these (post in the comments if you do!). Get it here.


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