Adebayor gets 3 match ban for stomping some face…


Hey guys, remember that post I did on Adebayor the other day? the one where I ranted and raved about how big of a classless douchebag he is? Well guess what. UEFA agrees. Adebayor has been handed a 3 match ban for stomping on his ex teammate, Robin Van Persie’s face in the match between Arsenal and Manchester City. Coincidentally, that was the game I was rambling about, saying he was completely unsportsmanlike with his goal celebration in front of the Arsenal fans. Well, I wrote it when I was on my high horse, and I forgot to mention the fact that he had maliciously fouled two of his ex teammates, one being Van Persie, and the other being the captain, Cesc Fabregas. He got caught for Van Persie, but the Fabregas incident was overlooked (fair enough, can’t win em all). BUT…there is more great news!!! UEFA has also charged him with improper conduct for HIS GOAL CELEBRATION AGAINST ARSENAL! I wasn’t crazy! UEFA agreed that he was completely out of line doing what he did, and they will decide whether or not they will charge him with another 3 match ban for that. But, for the time being, he can’t play against Man. United on Sunday, which leaves his team at a huge disadvantage, all because of his selfish bullsh*t. Way to go Adebayor. You big, tall Togo bastard. Watch the incident below.


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