Lady Gaga headphones are sick. So is her downstairs mixup…

ladygaga headphones

So Lady Gaga, aka manchild, is endorsing her new Heartbeats range of headphones made by Monster through their Beats by Dre audio company. Beats by Dre (that Dre is Dr. Dre if you live under a rock) are known for making high end headphones for DJ’s, as well as making an earbud version that’ll run you about 150 bucks. They look pretty sweet, and the reviews tend to be positive, so I’m going to go ahead and say they’re probably pretty good headphones. Don’t be put off by Monster’s involvement (known for duping stupid consumers into buying ridiculously overpriced cables for their home theatre systems), as Dr Dre wouldn’t put his name on anything he doesn’t approve of. You can see him wearing them in that stupid Dr. Pepper commercial.

Anyway, back to manchild. I think she’s weird, watching her perform makes me uncomfortable, and I’m one of those people that believes she either currently has, or at one point in her life had a dank. But that doesn’t matter. Because these headphones are sick. They’re obviously made with females in mind, but the black version is something i’d be happy to buy/wear. They’re designed to look like big gawdy diamond earrings, and they actually turned out quite nicely. I think its a good looking set of headphones (obviously, thats what I’m writing a post on them). Apart from the looks, you can probably expect good sound, considering they’re 100 bucks and still technically have Dr Dre’s name on them, and a cool feature I’ve never seen before. They have a flat cord, kind of like fettucine, which is supposed to be tangle-free. That sounds pretty awesome to me, because my headphones get tangled all the time, and it’s quite annoying. But will I buy these? No. One mistake they made, from a guy’s perspective. Why the hell would I want manchild’s autograph on my headphones? I wouldn’t. And neither will most guys when they notice that. But nonetheless, here they are so you can check them out, and if you like them enough, here’s the link to the official website so you can reserve a pair (they arent for sale yet)

P.S- a note for the broadsky’s…they also come in pink.


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