Thunderstorm in Slo mo HD is alot cooler than you’d think…

A dear friend of ours at the Dale is a bit of an amateur videographer, and shortly after getting himself an HD videocamera, he decided to play with it and film a thunderstorm in Edmonton, Alberta. He took a short clip of a particularly bright lightning bolt and slowed it wayyyyy down to the point where it didn’t even look real. (very awesome). Funnily enough, he started getting posts from haters people on youtube calling him out, saying the video looked so unreal, that they thought it was fake! So our dear friend decided to prove them wrong by editing together a 5 minute clip of the thunderstorm, starting off at regular speed, then slowing down bits and pieces. He then slapped the PERFECT song in the background (MGMT Kids), which ties the video together so well and makes it a pleasure to watch.

One day, he goes on his account to check his stats, and finds 2000 VIEWS in one day. He thought, “What the flick is going on?”, so he checked who has linked to him, and found that some big russian weather website had ran a feature on his video, and from there on, a massive influx of viewers stormed (pun not intended) the link and pummeled the view count. We our proud to say our dear friend has over 16,563 goddamn views on his youtube video. Congratuf**kinglations. That is INSANE. And all because a couple of douchebags tried to rain (again, pun not intended) on his parade. You NEED to see this video. It is sick. But make sure you watch it in HD for ultimate sickness. And then when you’re done peeping the vid, take a look at the comments, because they are HILARIOUS. Our favourite comment, is from sportsmen7777, simply stating “Power”. Probably due to a weak grasp of the english language, this fine gentleman was not able to divulge his feelings any further than his one word comment, but we at the Dale believe he has captured the essence of the video better than any english scholar could. Well done sportsmen7777. And well done dear friend. We are looking forward to your next video.


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