WTF IS THAT!? Unidentified Creature found in Panama…

click the picture and watch video in top right corner (of the page you’re forwarded to)

This is a picture of an unidentified creature that was found in Cerro Azul, Panama over the weekend. According to officials, a group of teenagers came across this animal, which came out of a nearby cave and attempted to approach them, and they beat the thing to death with sticks and rocks. You might think that’s cruel….but if this motherfather was coming towards me I’d grab myself a staff (Donatello) and a stone as well! So its all over the internet today, and some people think it might be hairless sloth (due to the long distinctive claws on the hands and feet), others say an alien (dumb), but its “official” folklore name (Like Bigfoot, Chupacabra, etc.) is The Panama Monster. Regardless of what it is, its more than likely not a hoax, as authorities actually HAVE the creature’s corpse, and are planning on doing tests on it to figure out what it is. This isn’t another sighting, where pictures are the only evidence, this is a real life phenomenon which I’m sure we will find more about in the next few days (I really hope it doesnt turn out to be a hoax, cause there goes my credibility out the door). My guess is that it is either a genetic mutation of a sloth, or (hopefully) a previously undiscovered species of sloth that lives in caves. Now that might sound dumb to you, but there’s reason behind my logic. If you have ever seen animals that live their whole existence in a cave, they often lack pigment in their skin, and they are also often blind. For example, take a look at a cave salamander. With the Panama Monster, he has almost identical skin to the cave salamander, and very small eyes, which are likely useless (cave animals don’t need to see, they rely on their other senses). It would make sense that he is a cave dwelling animal, and as far as I have researched, there is no such species of sloth who live in caves. So there’s the Dale’s educated guess for you. A previously undiscovered species of cave dwelling sloth. Lets see if I’m right. Watch the video to get the best idea of what the animal actually looks like, because I had to look long and hard to find more than just the standard pics you’ll find all over the internet. Pics below:



4 thoughts on “WTF IS THAT!? Unidentified Creature found in Panama…

  1. scene–Elliot first sees E.T. shrieks, grabs a stick and rock, pummels him to death–runs off. Cut! End Movie–roll credits.

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