Hey Dale, Keep F**cking that Chicken!

This is hilarious. As the video above shows, Ernie Anastos, Fox News broadcaster drops the F bomb on live TV. Now this isn’t a unique case, as many a reporter and broadcaster have let certain words slip by accident (They might look and act like robots, but they are ACTUALLY human beings), but the reason I wanted to post about this is the context in which it was said. Unfortunately, I was not privy to the live showing, as it was Fox news based in New York, so I can’t really get the gist of whats going on, but Anastos says “It takes a tough man to make a tender forecast” to the meteorologist, Nick Gregory, who, obviously confused says “well i guess thats me”, to which Anastos replies, laughing “Keep f**king that chicken”. Like…WHAT?!? The look on the woman’s face says it all, as she, as well as I, couldn’t believe what was just said. Reasonably enough, he later admitted  that he meant to say “keep plucking that chicken”, but at the time, the guy didn’t even skip a beat!! He is either incredible at his job, and realized his mistake quickly enough to continue on without even a hint of hesitation, or he sincerely did not realize he even said anything profane at all. Either way, the real question is…what the hell was he talking about? How does “keep plucking that chicken” even make sense in that context? I can’t figure out for the life of me what he was talking about. This looks like a scene straight out of Anchorman for christ’s sakes…the term “keep plucking that chicken” would be right at home coming out of Will Ferrell’s mouth, but this legendary New York broadcaster was for real. I’m pretty sure people still would have commented on the random comment even if he DIDNT swear. BUT…he did! Which is even more great! In my opinion, Mr. Anastos has coined one of the funniest sayings for “keep at it”, that I have ever heard. I will officially start using “keep f**king the chicken” in my everyday life….for example, I could use it towards a small child playing well in a soccer game….”hey Timmy, nice run…keep f**king that chicken little buddy!” Amazing. Thank you Ernie Anastos, for your mistake is my new favourite phrase. Feel free to let us know to keep f**king the chicken if you are enjoying the Daily Dale.


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