Plaxico heads off to the Big House

plaxico special

So Plaxico Burress (wide receiver who played for the NY Giants in the NFL..for those across the pond) started a two year jail sentence today for shooting himself in the leg with his own gun. Yea….I know. Ridiculous. Apparently Plaxico had a glock tucked into the back of his pants at a New York night club, and the pistol started slipping down his pant leg, and when he went to grab it, he pulled the trigger and shot himself in the leg. Just imagine the scenario. You are Plaxico Burress, Superbowl hero (he caught the winning touchdown in the Superbowl for the Giants against the Patriots), and you’re getting your dance on in the club, probably chatting up some broads, drinking some Cryssy or some Patron, and BOOM…gunshot. Like, I’m sure everyone in the club knew Plaxico was there (it was in NY, and he’s a local hero), and everyone was probably staring at him all night anyway…but could you IMAGINE the humiliation involved when the masses realized that THE Plaxico Burress had shot himself, with his own, gun, in his own leg. Wow.

So after this¬†humiliation, the next chapter in poor Plax’s tragedy is the pain he had to endure with a 9mm bullet in his goddamn leg. So now, he is not only the laughing stock of New York, he also has to limp around (and not in the cool gangster way), to remind himself and everyone he sees that he shot himself. Painful, in more ways than one.

And now the icing on the cake. The poor guy has been sentenced to two years in jail, because the he didn’t have a licence for the gun, and also for reckless endangerment. Of himself?! Come on!!! I mean, I understand he was wrong by bringing the gun into the club, and it is an offence, but so is beating the living sh*t out of your girlfriend (Chris Brown, I’m looking at you). The american justice system is all messed up. How can a guy shoot himself in the leg, causing himself pain and humiliation (not to mention losing a multi-million dollar contract with an NFL team) and end up serving time, when this preppy little bastard is a woman beater and doesn’t even see the inside of a cell for half a second. What a joke. I don’t think Plaxico’s sentence was just, even though the guy had priors. I think he got a bad rap because he’s a football player, while crotch grabbing, nutless dancing fairy Chris Brown is given leniency. Hmmm…shooting oneself in the leg by accident or beating one’s girlfriend on purpose…I wonder who can REALLY be considered the criminal. In my opinion, there’s no excuse for hitting a woman. Apparently the US Justice system wants to convey the fact that beating women is ok, but making mistakes that harm oneself are unforgivable. Way to go guys. I guess justice really is blind, because it didn’t see Rihanna’s f**ked up face, but it DID hear Plaxico’s gunshot.


6 thoughts on “Plaxico heads off to the Big House

  1. I think you’re focusing a little too much on the outcome of Plax’s actions, which isn’t the reason he’s going to jail. Shooting yourself isn’t illegal. It’s retarded, but it’s not illegal. What Plax did goes well beyond just shooting himself.

    This guy brought a loaded, unregistered weapon into a public place that was presumably packed with people, and kept it in the waistband of his sweats. Couldn’t even be bothered to wear pants with a belt!

    The issue is the threat he posed by doing that stuff, not the fact that he shot himself. Think about it…if that gun happened to slide down his pants differently, pointing outwards instead of inwards, that bullet is going right through his pants and out into a crowded club when he grabs it. Then you’re talking about the possibility of much, much more serious charges.

    Shooting himself was irrelevant. Legally, the same thing would have likely happened if the gun had fired into the floor.

    1. Appreciate the comment, but I need to disagree with you. I fully understand the danger in bringing a loaded handgun into a club, but the post is about how I feel Plaxico was treated unfairly. First off, I believe, to an extent, its a result of Mayor Bloomberg saving his own ass, as the hospital Plaxico was treated at did not contact the police about the incident, which is highly illegal. Bloomberg was forced to do a press release about this “outrage”, and he (probably thinking the hospital let it go because Plax was a big NFL star) , wanted to show his voting public that no leniency would be applied to Plax because of his status. Therefore, he was pushing for the maximum penalty possible (For selfish, political reasons more likely than not). Secondly, Plaxico was wearing a pair of black jeans the night of the incident, not sweats, so I’m not really sure where you got that information. Third, the “threat he posed” is not something that is aptly punished with a two year prison sentence. If the gun had not gone off, and had merely been found by the police on his person, the punishment would not in any way have been as harsh as it was. Rappers caught with unregistered firearms are a dime a dozen, but you don’t see Lil Wayne or Ja Rule sitting in a jail cell (both caught in the state of NY). It was the publicity around the incident that contributed to the severity of the punishment. Finally, the reason I chose to post about this (as I’m not even really a football fan…in fact I didn’t even see the winning touchdown, nor had I heard of Plaxico Burress before the incident), is because I think the justice system sends the wrong message when placing this incident in comparison with Chris Brown’s assault charge. Should Plaxico have been punished? Yes, absolutely. Is two years in prison a just punishment? No, absolutely not. Especially not when in comparison to a pretty boy R&B singer who actually inflicted harm on another human being and didn’t spend 5 minutes in jail. Thanks for your comment, keep reading the Dale

  2. First off, I have no knowledge of the political issues as far as Mayor Bloomberg and whatnot goes. That’s pretty fucked up, but at no point did I say that I thought his sentence was just or deserved at all.

    I agree with you on the fact that the law is not necessarily a fair one, and I agree that 2 years is a stiff sentence for his actions. And given the facts that you mentioned in your comment, I agree that it seems to have been enforced ridiculously. However, my point was more in response to your saying “of himself?” when referencing the reckless endangerment charge (which, as you mentioned, seems to have only happened because the gun went off)

    The reckless endangerment charge has nothing to do with him shooting himself. He fired a gun in a public place, which, in my opinion, could be classified as recklessly endangering everyone in that place (or at least those nearby at the time). The fact that the bullet happened to go into Plax’s leg and not someone else doesn’t change the fact that other people were endangered by being around a gun that went off. All I’m saying is, this same thing would have happened whether or not he shot himself. If he fired the gun into the air or into the ground in the same setting we would likely be seeing the same result.

    But I do totally agree that stacked up against the Chris Brown charge, this makes the US legal system appear fairly ridiculous.

    1. point taken! im glad we could come to an overall agreement! And btw, checked out some of your posts on BwB….good stuff, keep it up!

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