The Dale is Scared, Real Scared

Let me ask you something folks. Is your team 2 and 0 (take your time Titans fans)? Is your team coming off an extremely successful offseason where strategic acquirements were made on offense, defense, and coaching? Do you have a quarterback who looks very solid after these first two games, yet still has maybe anywhere from 5 to 8 years to reach his full potential (NO Raider nation, no)?  Do you have a brand new head coach who comes with the reputation of being one of if not THE TOP defensive coordinator in the NFL? Well, I may have just given it away. I can hear it now and I could hear it on Sunday: J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS!!!!

Man does it kill me to say this, because as you know, the dale’s heart belongs to the New England Patriots (who play in the same goddam division), but the New York Jets look good. They look scary good.  They beat the Patriots last sunday 16-9 and allowed 0 touchdowns, the first time that’s happened to Brady and co since November 2006. Rookie QB Mark Sanchez on the other hand, threw a touchdown when he had to and was extraordinary on third down. This kid can play. Dont get it twisted though, like almost all great teams, the Jets rely on the defense.

Rex Ryan, the new Jets  head coach is best known for being the defensive mastermind behind the Baltimore Ravens for the past 10 years or so. But this off- season, Rex moved into the fancy office in NYC. But he brought his defense with him. Darrell Revis, a starting Cornerback for the Jets has held Randy Moss and Andre Johnson to under 40 yards apiece! Randy Moss tore this defense to shreds last season with Matt Cassell under center, but clearly Rex knows a thing or two about recognizing and using defensive talent. The pressure this defensive unit applies is also scary. Tom Brady hasn’t looked as uncomfortable as he did on sunday since he was on Entourage (that was actually pretty recently I guess). Rex learned defense from his father, Buddy Ryan, the coordinator for the 85 Bears (the best defense in the history of the NFL) and Superbowl champs. If things stay the same, it looks as if the Jets could be headed down a similar road.


Ryan also runs a 4.50 100m dash and has a 42 inch vertical
Ryan also runs a 4.50 100m dash and has a 42 inch vertical

4 thoughts on “The Dale is Scared, Real Scared

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