Top Gear’s Clarkson…”It’s poop again!”


So Jeremy Clarkson, AKA the coolest man on tv AKA the owner of the best job in the world (do you own a job…? what is the correct terminology?) has been dealt a stinky blow from an enviromentalist group for his part in the best show of all time popular TV show, Top Gear in the UK. Clarkson is known for driving cars so hard that they sing spiritual songs while they work. And not just any cars. This guy has the opportunity to drive the best of the best, as Top Gear has one of the largest budgets for a TV show…ever. BBC pumps enormous amounts of money into this show so they can do ridiculous things like race a Bugatti Veyron against a Eurofigher (thats a fighter jet, in case you didn’t know). They can afford to do this because it’s one of the most popular shows on British TV. (Even my Grandma watches it…and she drives a Volvo).

Anyway, as I’m sure everyone knows, most of the nicest cars in the world are also the most offensive to the environment. To make matters worse, Clarkson seems to have an issue with every and any hybrid or electric car that he drives. So a group of women from some stupid environmentalist group called Climate Rush decided to dump a carriage sized load of cow sh*t on the lawn of Clarkson’s mansion, thinking that they would make some sort of statement to him. Newsflash you tree hugging retards…all he’s going to do is pull up into the driveway in his Lamborghini Gallardo droptop, take a look at his massive lawn…continue driving..park the car…grab his cellphone…call his gardeners, and ask them nicely to come clean up the front yard…then go into his mansion and have a cup of tea. A job well done you creepy hippies…this shows what caliber of people environmentalists are….children who think its funny to put shit on people’s porches. The only difference is that children do it for fun and light it on fire, environmentalists do it to give their pathetic lives some sort of purpose. Seriously…you want to better the world? Put all the time you waste pulling publicity stunts into something constructive. God forbid these idiots ACTUALLY do something that benefits the world, like volunteering at recycling plants or planting trees. That’s too hard…after all, the ARE hippies…to do this sort of stuff they’d actually have to put on SHOES.


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