Computerized Car…maybe. “Car”erized Computer? No thanks.

Some morons have decided it’d be a good idea to make a computer case that resembles a Dodge Charger SRT8. The morons at Dodge then decided to licence the product. But the biggest moron is the end user, the consumer who actually decides to buy this malarkey. PC Rides offer a Dodge Charger SRT8 bodied PC, with headlights that turn on when the computer turns on, and brake lights that flicker while the hard drive is working.

I can understand if it’s a lambo, or something sleek and sexy…but a Charger (although it is a sweet ride), just doesn’t have the lines, or the suave sophistication to pull this off. Especially when you throw in the fact that this thing starts at $1,850 and goes up to $2,495 full specced. Considering an Alienware desktop starts at $1,299 and their ultra premium series starts at $2,299, you’d have to be absolutely junglin’ bananas to buy this piece of crap. But wait…the front bumper is the cd drive….and it opens…ok fine, I guess its worth it. If you want more information on this tragedy, then you can go fly a kite visit their website. But if you are planning on getting one, then kindly email me and I will happily provide you with my address, so you can send the money directly to me. This way, you waste it in a beneficial way, and also, at the same time, I am able to save you a large amount of embarassment. Some things just shouldn’t be licenced…unless they’re done right.


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