Dontcha wish your ‘Berry was hot like this…

Behold, the most expensive blackberry ever made. This phone, made by U.K designer Alexander Amosu, features 4,459 brilliant cut diamonds totalling a staggering 28.43 carats, all set right at home in solid 18 carat yellow gold. Wanna know how much it is? I’ll give you a hint….it costs exactly the same amount as a 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560-4. Yes. A brand new Lamborghini. The answer is $240,000.

So the question is…would you rather be driving one of the hottest cars on the road, or buying a phone that will likely last you no longer than 2 years max? Considering Blackberry’s are not exactly known to be a particularly reliable fruit, I think the choice is clear. Not to mention the fact that you’re gonna look super douchelike when the next generation Curve comes out. I can hear it now “Oh hey man, is that the old curve with a bunch of swarovski’s on it? how much did that set you back…musta been like 800 bucks!” This is the point where you sheepishly agree that it DID indeed cost you $800 bucks. You do NOT mention the other $239, 200.

If you want to see an array of other ridiculously exorbitant Blackberrys, feel free to check out a slideshow right here….but keep in mind, none of them come even close to this beast. Gluttonous.


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