Since when is non-minority racism and discrimination OK?!?


Ok, so the Dale is back. I have settled across the pond in a fantastic apartment right on the river Thames. I wake up and see swans every morning, and have to suppress the impulse to shoot them (In England, every swan is the Queen’s pet, you see.) Anyway. I do not have internet yet, as the archaic infrastructure of the phone company requires two full weeks before reinstating a new line (dumb). But I just couldn’t resist filling your eager, anticipating permeable minds with a fresh dose of the Dale, so I am coming to you live through bluetooth, through my Blackberry, through my laptop, into your face.

So I received a book for christmas last year called “Stuff White People Like”. Written by a white person, it is essentially a list, with descriptions, of 100 things all white people like. Stuff like wine, Arrested Development and Marijuana are all on the list, and the author’s descriptions are relatively funny and often correct, but this doesn’t really matter. The point is, that if there was a book called “Stuff Black People Like”, it would be “full of ignorant stereotypes and racist comments”. So why is it ok to poke fun at white people? The fact is, its not, but society widely accepts racism or prejudice towards non minorities. Classic example: White guy uses the N word towards a black guy….big trouble. Black guy calls a white guy a cracker….well, thats just fine. No big deal. Because “our people” weren’t subjected to slavery? Newsflash. There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of white people that are slaves, even today. Ever heard of people trafficking or sex slavery? At one point or another, every race has been subject to slavery, so I really do not think that this gives african americans the right to call white people whatever they like. I am by NO means a racist….quite the opposite actually…I’m all about equality…and I think that in the attempt to achieve equality, discrimination towards non-minority’s has been largely overlooked.

Another example. I’m sitting in my first class the other day, and the librarian was invited into the lecture to give us a quick run down of how to search databases, find journals and research etc. Anyway, she mentions the Women’s library, which is a collection of works written by females, about femininity. I was thinking to myself…where is the Men’s library? The library with all the books by men for men. I’ll tell you where it is…its in our dreams…because it’ll never happen. Some group of femininist ninny’s somewhere would collectively get their 100% organic cotton granny panties in a twist, cause a fuss, and shoot down the idea. There is no doubt at all in my mind, that there is actually discrimination towards men when it comes to gender issues. You can get a degree in Women’s Studies, but there is not even a class, let alone a degree on Men’s studies. Sure, women have a unique individual history and culture, but so do men!

I’ve come to the conclusion that society as a whole is so busy making up for historical discrimination towards certain minorities that is effectively promoting discrimination towards non-minorities (or should I call them..majorities…or the majority…whatever.). As a 24 year old white male, I’m about as non-minority as they come, and I, for one, feel discriminated against.


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