back to business…first on the agenda? Call of Duty.

Ok, whats good. I’m back, have my trusty netbook and I’m ready to get back into this. During my hiatus from the Dale, my spare time has succumbed to indefinite imprisonment by the call of duty machine. I still don’t really understand what it is that makes this game so impossibly addictive, as it really is the epitome of repetition. I mean, you shoot someone, you die, you shoot someone, you die, you shoot two people, you die…etc, etc, game over. Start a new game. But this simple pattern of imposing death upon virtual soldiers and having death imposed upon your little virtual soldier can keep young men’s stimulatory processes thoroughly…stimulated.. for hours on end.

The thing that struck me the other day was my “global ranking”. I am ranked 4,619,837th in the world. And I play this game pretty much every day. Although I don’t spend long amounts of time online (usually), I AM a regular player, and there are 4.6 million players “better” than me! I put “better” in quoatation’s not because I’m a bitter nerdmaster3000 who experiences sexual pleasure when seeing their call of duty rank rise, but rather because the leaderboard does not have as much to do with actual ability as it does time played (you can see “time played” in the leaderboard…some of the guys at the top of the list have as much as 22 days logged. thats over 500 hours of gameplay. In comparison, my 1 day (24 hours) of play is nothing!)

Anyway, as usual I digress. What I was trying to say is there are roughly 4.5 million people in the world that play more than me. And I play pretty much every day.  After thinking about what could possibly make it so appealing, I came up with what the Dale thinks is a reasonable explanation. If I don’t see anything in the comments section disagreeing, I’ll assume you all agree. Basically, there must be something in our minds that makes the idea of killing someone appealing. In most people,  this idea is largely subdued and lies dormant in the back of our minds. But in some people, the idea of killing being an appealing form of entertainment is frighteningly more rational than it is in the rest of us. These type of people usually end up being shipped off to some shit storm of a conflict somewhere by some sort of military in some sort of redundant battle (that’s a whole ‘nother blog post).

Call of Duty brings this out. It unleashes the war-loving jarhead in all of us. Whatever part of the brain is responsible for making people go to war has got to be the same part of the brain stimulated by Call of Duty. And the more we play it and get used to the satisfaction of defeating an opponent,  the more it becomes necessary to “get our kills in” for the day. Hence the ability to kill and be killed for hours a day.

Now that you’ve heard the Dale’s opinion, go on and Master Bait (COD fans, WATCH this if you haven’t seen it yet)


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