Why football is better than football.

yes...that IS Vinnie Jones

First off, before starting this post I took a quick look into why there are two sports with the same name. So I’ll give you a quick history lesson to get you up to speed. Football was and still is the most popular sport in the world. Way back in the day, when football enacted the no-hand rule, some people didn’t like it, so they broke off and created rugby. Still considered a variation of football, rugby became more popular and spread to north america, where they played a variation of rugby that used alot less kicking and a lot more handling of the ball, which you all now know as gridiron, or “american football”. So even though modern day gridiron relies more on  handling of the ball than..um…footing, it is still considered a variation of original football. So long story short, gridiron is the devil spawn of original football, and this is why they both go by the same name.

But why is it that football is still the most popular sport in the world and gridiron has only really been embraced by North America? They have both been played, in various forms, since the 1840’s  (although football was played prior to that without standard rules), and they both demand a massive fan base in their respective markets. So why is football’s market so much bigger than gridiron?

The Dale thinks it there are two main reasons. The first has to do with the simplicity of football compared to the seemingly complicated rules of gridiron. Alot of people get turned off of gridiron because, as I’m sure anyone who’s had to explain football to a girlfriend knows, there is ALOT to explain when you start from scratch. Once you watch a couple of games with the rules in mind, it doesn’t seem as complicated, but seasoned gridiron fans, there was a point where YOU were clueless as to why large black men in costumes were attacking smaller white men in costumes on a green floor.  The perceived complexity of the game is a a detrimental barrier of entry to an intense, captivating sport.

The second reason, and IDO (In Dale’s Opinion) the reason that explains why football  is played and revered by so many more millions of people is the simplicity of the equipment. all you need is a ball (or something that resembles a ball, as I saw a guy playing football with a blown up condom in a sock on tv the other day), 4 sticks and an open patch of pretty much any surface to have a full game. Realistically, all you need is the ball and a target. This is why millions of children grow up learning to play football rather than hockey or gridiron. For gridiron, to play a proper game you need protective equipment, a marked field, uprights AND a specially shaped ball. It should also be noted that alot of people who play football could not afford to play gridiron due to the expenses associated with the equipment.

So there it is. The Dale’s two pence. I hope you weren’t expecting a “OUR FOOTBALL’S BETTER NO OUR FOOTBALL IS BETTER” meathead argument, because I won’t get into which one is more enjoyable to watch or play. That sort of thing is too subjective. But hopefully I have given you insight as to why football is considered better BY MORE PEOPLE than gridiron football.

See you next time. Same bat place, same bat channel.


5 thoughts on “Why football is better than football.

  1. American football is a sport for those who enjoy the pure essence of strategy combined with peak physical performance. It’s like a massive game of chess played with human beings who are the best in the world at their particular task. That quarterback who is about to make a pass is one of the best people in the world at throwing an oblong ball 30, 40, 50+ yards. The badass mofo rushing him down is one of the best in the world at the very specific task of running as fast as they can for 8 yds or so in an attempt to push through one or more 300 pound men and tackle that sonofabitch. This specialization in position adds a strategic element which soccer lacks, not to mention the myriad of other facets. Soccer on the other hand is generally played by a bunch of prima donna fancy boys running around with long hair and complaining when they fall on the ground. Don’t get me wrong soccer is pretty awesome as I am a fan of sport in general. But that is why I like American Football. I’m not saying it’s better I’m saying that’s why I prefer it, and why you should too.

    PS Peyton Manning is God and the mighty mighty Indianapolis Colts will march to victory.

  2. mr. Weeds…I believe much of the language you used in describing american football could fit quite well in describing real football. For those who “enjoy the pure essence of strategy combined with peak physical performance”. I think this is a great way to describe “soccer” as well. Arguably, professional soccer players are in better shape than nfl players, due to the fact that they must run for miles and miles during each game. Soccer is also a game with alot less rest time for players, resulting in stamina being an essential part of training.
    Saying that specialization in position is a strategic element not present in soccer just shows that you must know much about the game. Just like american football, the formations, positions and coach’s strategic ability all play a massive part in the game, not just player performance. Great example is Arsenal’s current team. Start of the season Arsenal were untouchable, until the moment both our strikers were injured. Now, we are forced to play players in positions they aren’t specialized in, and the team’s performance has suffered greatly. The defence has played as well as always, but the team just does not have the goal specialist up front to win games. These subtle issues, much like those in american football, are overlooked by the novice eye.
    Finally, to categorize soccer as being a bunch of prima donna fancy boys who complain when they fall down means, to me, that you are watching too much italian soccer. English soccer, which is arguably the best in the world, is an incredibly rough, physical game in which players get injured almost every single match. Italians and the Spanish play a different type of football, one that is a bit more aggravating to watch due to player’s being so light on their feet, but in the place where the game originated (England), the sport is far from a bunch of primadonna’s with long hair complaining when they fall down. This is just another advertisement of ignorance on your behalf.
    I could have, quite easily and happily engaged in a debate over why football is more enjoyable to both watch and play than american football, but I chose to take the high road and acknowledge the fact that the subjectivity of the matter would lead to an endless battle of preference. Instead, I wrote an article explaining why football is preferred by more people in the world than american football.
    Now that that’s out of the way….Go Saints.

  3. Clearly you have misinterpreted some of what I have said. Though I do agree with much of your article and rebuttal, you are missing my point. Fitness was never addressed for instance, and that example is exactly what I am getting at. Football players have much more rest culminating in a much more explosive, phenomenal play when it is their time to do that which they are specifically intended to do. It is an element which stamina sports lack. Apples and oranges my friend. Furthermore, if you are telling me that the difference between a midfielder and a forward is just as great as between a defensive tackle and a receiver (Haynesworth and Moss for example) than you sir must watch more football. Football is the epitome of physical variation in specific strategic specialization. That’s what I was trying to get at, of course there is strategy in soccer as there is in all sports. Nonetheless you have made some very good points, and yes I know English soccer is much more badass than the Italians, etc. I have neither the time nor the energy to debate this further. Both sports are awesome, and though I may know more about football than soccer I am definitely not an ignorant sports fan.

  4. Weeds, I don’t know american football very well but your comments just show ignorance about the sport (soccer). May I ask you if you have computer games as popular as Football Manager and Championship Manager where you are just the coach of your team? Yeah you don’t actually play in field. You may find incomprehensible why such a game is so famous and addicting but the fact is: Soccer has much more strategy than any sport that I know well – including baseball and basketball (I don’t know AF very well). That’s why that type of game works.

    And soccer is a team sport more than a star players sport. This just shows that the game is more about strategy and using your skills the right way than being just skilled

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