Why my new ipod touch makes me want to ditch my blackberry

First and foremost I am currently writing this blog post on my iPod touch via the wordpress app I downloaded today. And this, my friends is exemplary of the reason I felt possessed to write this article in the first place: this goddamn thing can do everything.

Ever since I got my first blackberry over a year ago I have been fiercely loyal to the brand, loving the fact that I don’t have to pay expensive text messaging charges to talk to my girlfriend and family overseas. Because of this one unique benefit of the blackberry, I have politely overlooked the rest of the phone’s flaws…until now.
I was fortunate enough to receive an iPod touch for Christmas and my, my, how it has exceeded my expectations. I initially wanted one to fuse together the psp and the iPod nano I have been dragging around and essentially have my gaming and my music come from the same device. Mission accomplished. But what I was not prepared for was the ridiculous breadth of applications you could get for the device. Not only do I have more than enough choice in the gaming department but I have found apps to write my blogs read my daily newspaper get live commentary on football games find places that will deliver me a big dirty kebab right to my door measure how far I walk in a day test my wifi speed view my xbox live friends list and, most importantly control my pc from the comfort of my couch with one thumb.
Now I am fully aware that alot of these things are common tasks that can be accomplished in many different ways, your blackberry being included, but what sets the iPod touch and consequently the iPhone apart from everything else is the unbeatable simplicity of the device. Finding, reviewing, downloading and using apps on the iPod is not only an easy process, but a downright enjoyable one to boot. The whole experience is nearly flawless.
Now let’s talk about the blackberry experience (all bb users should be cringing at this point because I know YOU know what’s coming). Blackberry’s operating system sucks. let’s be honest folks, it is primitive in comparison to many modern day systems such as the iPhone os, windows mobile and even some of nokia and samsung’s offerings. My experience is especially bad as I have the original blackberry storm. As we speak I tried to reply to my girlfriends bbm only to be met with the always-welcome never-intrusive black rotating circle of hourglass hell. Sure the blackberry can accomplish many of the tasks that the iPhone can but it just does not work as well! Omitting blackberry messenger and email, the iPhone is superior in every facet. And believe you me, the Dale HATES all that is apple. Macs are for trendy morons and iPhones are for people who buy macs. this has been my mentality ever since the iPhone came out and I have had absolutely no desire to own one whatsoever…until now.
In fact, when I last signed a contract, it would have been easier and cheaper for me to buy an iPhone but I changed providers and paid more to get the storm. Now, I think that was a mistake. Plagued (and I mean like bubonic plague) by issues since the day I got it, I just don’t think that bbm and email balance out the negatives. I say this now that I have been introduced to the seamless experience that is Apple.
I just realized i’ve been rambling but I’m going to publish this anyway as a test post from the WordPress app. Basically, to sum up what I was trying to say is: once upon a time the Dale loved his blackberry. much like a really hot girlfriend, he overlooked the fact that it was kind of slow and pissed him off alot because the other benefits were just SO good. Now that the Dale has had a taste of what it’s like to have a pretty hot girlfriend who’s intellect is on par with her looks, but doesn’t do EVERYTHING the other girlfriend did, he’s decided that he wants to stick with the more balanced option. When the Dale’s contract is up in 4 months, he’s joining the elite group of mac-buying morons that he once loathed. I’m buying an iPhone. As for convincing me macs are better than pc’s, and in the spirit of my previous girlfriend analogy, I believe meatloaf said it best when he said “I would do anything for love…but I won’t do that”.
Keep f***ing that chicken
– Dale


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