3G, or not 3G…that, is the question.

So I’ve been thinking about buying a blackberry curve 8520 to use until my contract is up in 6 months…the reason i’ve chosen the 8520 is because all the other blackberries are really expensive to buy outright, and there’s a good chance I’ll be getting an iPhone when I renew my contract. So basically the 8520 is the only berry I can justify buying for 6 months use. And for those that don’t understand why it is necessary for me to buy a new phone just to last me until my contract is up, the answer is that I have a blackberry storm. Perhaps the most underpowered overrated blackbery ever made.
Ok so as usual the Dale digresses. The one thing that is making me hesitate getting the curve is the lack of 3G. But today I started thinking…what has 3G done for me? I’ve had full 3G signal since the day I got my phone just over a year ago, and to be totally honest…3G is fucking useless. I mean yes. It is faster…marginably…but it is also incredibly unreliable and finnicky. Often I find myself turning it back to 2G (GPRS or EDGE) just to get a consistant signal. And when it’s on 2G I have NEVER noticed the speed reduction. There is one thing that people fail to realize. you do not need a faster connection for 99.5% of the things you do on your cell phone. Unless you watch live streaming tv, 3G is downright unecessary. Even streaming radio can easily be handled by a 2G connection. so that’s it people…I said it. The concept of 3G being a necessity when buying a new phone is a result of hype. It’s overrated, unreliable and utterly unecessary in terms of current technology. And for the record, I’ve subscribed to live TV for the past 6 months and it’s a novelty. Watching live football through a grainy 3 inch window is exciting for the first couple of matches but overall the experience blows rhino nuts. So the dales verdict? time to buy a curve.


5 thoughts on “3G, or not 3G…that, is the question.

    1. you don’t “like” your 3G because you don’t even notice it. You do not watch live TV, so what you actually “like” is having internet connection on your phone. It’s not the 3G. fool.

  1. I agree, I’ve been a curve user for almost a year now and my EDGE is sharp. 3G is as unnecessary as men’s nipples.

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