Addicted to Facebook? Don’t try ChatRoulette…

Ok EMERGENCY POST TIME, I wasnt planning on posting anything tonight but my fellow Dalehead, Mr. RM Franks, has just alerted me of the existence of something that might very well take over facebook once it gets rolling, and I figured we better tell you about it before it blows up (Dale likes to be ahead of the game).

Chatroulette is a new website that is incredibly simple, yet has the potential to be INSANELY addictive. Basically, the website instantly throws you into a webcam chat with a completely random stranger. Like, I mean instantly. You literally go to the website,, and hit play. boom. Some complete stranger looking at you while you look at him/her (usually him).  But the best part is your ability to hit the “Next” button and be instantly transported into another webcam chat with a different stranger.

I think I’ll leave it in RM Franks’ words, quoted directly from the bbm message I received.

“Man. R u by a comp??? Ur worlds about to change”.

The concept is really clever and intriguing, leaving you in suspense of who you may see next, but the actual experience is somewhat awkward and uncomfortable. I mean, flipping through people’s webcams and skipping guys beating off what you don’t want to see is perfectly fine, but if you come across an interesting looking person or someone you might actually want to start a conversation with, there is an awkward moment where neither of you know what to say, and then you end up escaping the awkward moment by hitting “Next”, forever condemning your chances of talking to that person.

Also, as you can imagine with something that involves webcams, there are the morons who sit there ass naked on their computer chairs with their little dinks in their hands hopelessly pressing F9 (Shortcut for “Next”), anticipating the dream meeting between them (and their danks) and some drop dead gorgeous girl ready to strip off at the sight of said dank. But these hopeless individuals can be shooed away easily with the F9 key. That being said, if you’re incredibly uncomfortable with your sexuality offended by same sex genitalia, then don’t go on here. Because you will see it. Alot.

You will see lots of guys in general to be honest. So for all you nimrods thinking you’re going to jump on chatroulette and become a webcam casanova, forget it. You will likely get rejected (aka disconnected from) by most girls you see.

Which brings me on to my next point. It’s a bit of a shot to the ego when a member of the opposite sex “Next’s” you, as it implies you aren’t exactly good enough to catch his or her attention. Likewise, I felt kind of bad Nexting ugly girls, but seriously….what are ugly girls good for? Not a whole hell of alot if the Dale says so hisself. But anyway, if you arent comfortable with your sexuality have low self esteem, then don’t go on this site.

So now you’ve been told. You’ve been told and you have been warned. But if you have read this far and are still interested (which I know every single one of you is), then hit up the site and check it out. At the time I was on, there were 24,000 people online (might seem like alot, but there are hundreds of thousands of people on Modern Warfare 2 at any given time of any given day). I believe this number is likely to skyrocket as it gains popularity.

But as always (shoutout to RM Franks), the Dale told you first! Now what are you still doing here? Go talk to a stranger!


4 thoughts on “Addicted to Facebook? Don’t try ChatRoulette…

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