About us

We here at the Daily Dale take our blogging seriously. Actually…we don’t take it that seriously. But  we do aim to offer a plethora of captivating news, stories, facts and reviews that we are absolutely sure you will love. We started this blog as a way to break down the divide between all the different themed blogs we read on a daily basis, and incorporate everything and anything that is relevant into an easy, one stop shop. Hence, The Daily Dale. We sincerely hope that you will visit us as often as possible, as we will be posting relentlessly. We actually have a small army of chipmunks that work through the night, gathering interesting tidbits from the tech, sport and entertainment world, and delivering them on our doorsteps every morning for us to blog about. No, seriously. I’m not kidding. Chipmunks.

Comments are hugely appreciated, whether they be suggestions, advice, criticisms, hate letters, detailed plans on how to take over the world or just simply a thumbs up on a post you enjoyed. Remember, we don’t know that we’re doing a good job until you let us know! But as much as we are doing this for you, the reader, we are also doing it for ourselves. The contributors here at The Dale have come together with the common interest of social commentary (read: We’re all obnoxious, loudmouth, know it all types who are absolutely dying to give our two cents on whatever it is thats going on in the world today). We hope you enjoy reading our rants, and we really hope they keep you coming back for more. Remember, there’s nowhere else on the planet that you can come for your daily, chipmunk-powered dose of the Dale. Enjoy.