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Down Under… Rock is all they got

People from Australia (or aleins from austria…. austr-aliens… terrible) must listen to ACDC and only ACDC while they make babies. It seems that the most notable releases to hit our part of the world are rock and only rock. I am not complaining as it is my listen of choice; it’s just strange, no? ANYWAYS… Jet (“Are you gonna be my girl”, “Cold Hard bitch”, “Put your money where your mouth is”) Have released their third studio album “Shaka Rock”. Upon hearing their first single “She’s a Genius” I was looking forward to the album. Not because I thought it was superb, but I was hoping it would be better. Since that first listen I grew into the song, and I must say the album did surpass my expectations. They ditched the Beatles thing they tried to pull off on their second album and went back to the dirt. If you havn’t heard “She’s a Genius” check it out at

Now check this video out for “K.I.A” off the new album as well. Quite gruesome… as well as awesome.

I suggest getting the album.


Well put Bob. Well put.

Not that I wasn’t ever interested or concerned in the past, but this is the most real, down to earth cancer campaign to ever hit the masses. Who doesn’t love boobs… It may offend some, taking a more humorous approach with cancer. But, when it comes down too it; Life is good. Boobs are good. So let’s help save them.

You can check out what it’s all about at


Seriously Scott Stapp? Almost a decade since their last recording, the laughing stock of the music industry somehow made his way back into the studio in an attempt to poison the airwaves once more… Creed has a new album coming out October 27th. Not going to lie. The single is actually pretty good. I mean, he still sounds like the Eddie Vedder rip off he was coined as back in the day. However, the production and songwriting are overall quite good. Maybe I will get the album, grab a large bottle of my favorite something and take a trip back to 1997. With ears wide open… Ha!