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Why football is better than football.

yes...that IS Vinnie Jones

First off, before starting this post I took a quick look into why there are two sports with the same name. So I’ll give you a quick history lesson to get you up to speed. Football was and still is the most popular sport in the world. Way back in the day, when football enacted the no-hand rule, some people didn’t like it, so they broke off and created rugby. Still considered a variation of football, rugby became more popular and spread to north america, where they played a variation of rugby that used alot less kicking and a lot more handling of the ball, which you all now know as gridiron, or “american football”. So even though modern day gridiron relies more on  handling of the ball than..um…footing, it is still considered a variation of original football. So long story short, gridiron is the devil spawn of original football, and this is why they both go by the same name.

But why is it that football is still the most popular sport in the world and gridiron has only really been embraced by North America? They have both been played, in various forms, since the 1840’s  (although football was played prior to that without standard rules), and they both demand a massive fan base in their respective markets. So why is football’s market so much bigger than gridiron?

The Dale thinks it there are two main reasons. The first has to do with the simplicity of football compared to the seemingly complicated rules of gridiron. Alot of people get turned off of gridiron because, as I’m sure anyone who’s had to explain football to a girlfriend knows, there is ALOT to explain when you start from scratch. Once you watch a couple of games with the rules in mind, it doesn’t seem as complicated, but seasoned gridiron fans, there was a point where YOU were clueless as to why large black men in costumes were attacking smaller white men in costumes on a green floor.  The perceived complexity of the game is a a detrimental barrier of entry to an intense, captivating sport.

The second reason, and IDO (In Dale’s Opinion) the reason that explains why football  is played and revered by so many more millions of people is the simplicity of the equipment. all you need is a ball (or something that resembles a ball, as I saw a guy playing football with a blown up condom in a sock on tv the other day), 4 sticks and an open patch of pretty much any surface to have a full game. Realistically, all you need is the ball and a target. This is why millions of children grow up learning to play football rather than hockey or gridiron. For gridiron, to play a proper game you need protective equipment, a marked field, uprights AND a specially shaped ball. It should also be noted that alot of people who play football could not afford to play gridiron due to the expenses associated with the equipment.

So there it is. The Dale’s two pence. I hope you weren’t expecting a “OUR FOOTBALL’S BETTER NO OUR FOOTBALL IS BETTER” meathead argument, because I won’t get into which one is more enjoyable to watch or play. That sort of thing is too subjective. But hopefully I have given you insight as to why football is considered better BY MORE PEOPLE than gridiron football.

See you next time. Same bat place, same bat channel.


Plaxico heads off to the Big House

plaxico special

So Plaxico Burress (wide receiver who played for the NY Giants in the NFL..for those across the pond) started a two year jail sentence today for shooting himself in the leg with his own gun. Yea….I know. Ridiculous. Apparently Plaxico had a glock tucked into the back of his pants at a New York night club, and the pistol started slipping down his pant leg, and when he went to grab it, he pulled the trigger and shot himself in the leg. Just imagine the scenario. You are Plaxico Burress, Superbowl hero (he caught the winning touchdown in the Superbowl for the Giants against the Patriots), and you’re getting your dance on in the club, probably chatting up some broads, drinking some Cryssy or some Patron, and BOOM…gunshot. Like, I’m sure everyone in the club knew Plaxico was there (it was in NY, and he’s a local hero), and everyone was probably staring at him all night anyway…but could you IMAGINE the humiliation involved when the masses realized that THE Plaxico Burress had shot himself, with his own, gun, in his own leg. Wow.

So after this humiliation, the next chapter in poor Plax’s tragedy is the pain he had to endure with a 9mm bullet in his goddamn leg. So now, he is not only the laughing stock of New York, he also has to limp around (and not in the cool gangster way), to remind himself and everyone he sees that he shot himself. Painful, in more ways than one.

And now the icing on the cake. The poor guy has been sentenced to two years in jail, because the he didn’t have a licence for the gun, and also for reckless endangerment. Of himself?! Come on!!! I mean, I understand he was wrong by bringing the gun into the club, and it is an offence, but so is beating the living sh*t out of your girlfriend (Chris Brown, I’m looking at you). The american justice system is all messed up. How can a guy shoot himself in the leg, causing himself pain and humiliation (not to mention losing a multi-million dollar contract with an NFL team) and end up serving time, when this preppy little bastard is a woman beater and doesn’t even see the inside of a cell for half a second. What a joke. I don’t think Plaxico’s sentence was just, even though the guy had priors. I think he got a bad rap because he’s a football player, while crotch grabbing, nutless dancing fairy Chris Brown is given leniency. Hmmm…shooting oneself in the leg by accident or beating one’s girlfriend on purpose…I wonder who can REALLY be considered the criminal. In my opinion, there’s no excuse for hitting a woman. Apparently the US Justice system wants to convey the fact that beating women is ok, but making mistakes that harm oneself are unforgivable. Way to go guys. I guess justice really is blind, because it didn’t see Rihanna’s f**ked up face, but it DID hear Plaxico’s gunshot.

Adebayor gets 3 match ban for stomping some face…


Hey guys, remember that post I did on Adebayor the other day? the one where I ranted and raved about how big of a classless douchebag he is? Well guess what. UEFA agrees. Adebayor has been handed a 3 match ban for stomping on his ex teammate, Robin Van Persie’s face in the match between Arsenal and Manchester City. Coincidentally, that was the game I was rambling about, saying he was completely unsportsmanlike with his goal celebration in front of the Arsenal fans. Well, I wrote it when I was on my high horse, and I forgot to mention the fact that he had maliciously fouled two of his ex teammates, one being Van Persie, and the other being the captain, Cesc Fabregas. He got caught for Van Persie, but the Fabregas incident was overlooked (fair enough, can’t win em all). BUT…there is more great news!!! UEFA has also charged him with improper conduct for HIS GOAL CELEBRATION AGAINST ARSENAL! I wasn’t crazy! UEFA agreed that he was completely out of line doing what he did, and they will decide whether or not they will charge him with another 3 match ban for that. But, for the time being, he can’t play against Man. United on Sunday, which leaves his team at a huge disadvantage, all because of his selfish bullsh*t. Way to go Adebayor. You big, tall Togo bastard. Watch the incident below.

Adebayor is a Classless, piece of garbage, second rate football player.

if The Penguin and Andre 3000 had a baby...
if The Penguin and Andre 3000 had a baby...

Emmanuel Adebayor has proven yet again that he is a complete and utter tool, who doesn’t understand the concept of sportsmanship. Adebayor has played for Arsenal for the past 3 years, but this summer he was traded to Manchester City. He claimed his reason for leaving is that the Arsenal fans had turned on him, and he didn’t feel comfortable playing on his own pitch, which is partially true. But the fans had every reason in the world to turn on him. The Togo striker was flirting heavily with several big teams across Europe last summer (2008), and transfer rumours were abundant, but he ended up staying at Arsenal for the 08-09 season. During that season, he was the laziest player on the pitch, often failing to capitalize on goal scoring chances, purely because he didnt bother trying. Obviously, as a fan it is easy to see this recurring theme game in and game out, and it becomes incredibly frustrating, as a team’s striker is the one that is supposed to score the goals. It is a striker’s responsibility to finish the plays that the rest of the team manages to create, and when you don’t have that last touch, you lose games. And thats exactly what Arsenal did last season. In fact, Arsenal did alot better in the games where Adebayor did not start. So naturally fans aren’t going to be happy with the weak link in the team. Especially when this weak link has proven time and time again that he has the talent and the ability to be much better. But last season, he just didn’t care. It was obvious that the propositions from other clubs, such as Barcelona, fed his ego to the point of satiation, and so we ended up with a jackass who thought he was too good to play for Arsenal.

Today, Arsenal played Manchester City for the first time since Adebayor started wearing the blue Man. City shirt. He played well, and I have no issue with that, but when he scored a goal, he ran purposefully towards the other end of the pitch to celebrate in front of the Arsenal fan section. It was so blatantly ridiculous that he received a yellow card for his pathetic, childish celebration. He apologized for it after the game, blaming his emotions for getting the better of him, but at the end end of the day, you are a sportsman, getting paid tens of thousands of pounds a week to do what you do, and there is no place for such immature behaviour in the Premier League. I can tell you right now that if Arsene Wenger was still his coach, and he tried to pull that stupid shit while playing for Arsenal, he would be hearing about it in the locker room after the game. Uncalled for, unecessary and moronic.

Below there is a video taken at the game today of Adebayor’s celebration…watch the Arsenal fans run down the stairs to try and get on the pitch. I really wish a couple of them had. Arrogant bastard.