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Gladiator Sandals are NOT hot.

Ok, I got one for you. Fuckin gladiator sandals. What is with you girls thinking these atrocious slave boots are even remotely attractive? I understand they’re trendy, but does that really mean you can overlook your own opinion and wear them? Or are all of you so brainwashed that you think you look cool running around with little arabian straps of leather entangled around your feet? I swear, all of a sudden now that the sun is out, wherever I go it looks like the broads just came back from an arabian market peddling their wares.

Do you not understand that people wore these 1000’s of years ago out of NECESSITY? They didn’t have sexy high heels or nike dunks (yea, girls look good in nike dunks.). They had some dirty haggard knife, some animal skin and some nails, and thats all they could come up with.

So what the hell are you doing wearing such archaic arch support?  If you say “they’re fashionable”, I think its pretty safe to say their sold out. Everyone wears them. You arent some trendsetter. And whoever the ‘trendsetter’ is that decided to bring these back, well I hope that she drops something heavy on her foot. That’ll teach her.

So thats all. just a quick rant. keep in mind other sandals are fine, and even gladiator sandals with a heel are borderline ok,  but girls, please understand you just look like a retarded roman slave when you wear those stupid, ugly, flat soled shitkickers. they are NOT HOT. If you own a pair, I strongly recommend you throw them out or give them to a poor person (cause gladiator boots are better than nothing, right?…that was a joke, not me showing how charitable I am. I’m not.) If you plan to forego my advice, then just remember. You look like an idiot and not ONE guy who sees you thinks that you look good. Enjoy your peasant booties.