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Apparently Canadian Superheroes Drive Porsches…

they were in Canada right? You guys live in igloos up there right?
they were in Canada right? You guys live in igloos up there right?

A couple of guys in Ottawa became vigilante heroes last Friday after chasing down a sexual assault suspect in a Porsche 997 twin turbo. Apparently the two guys (the passenger was Matt Spezza, brother of Senator’s Jason Spezza) were driving along when some hysterical girl jumped in front of the car and basically claimed that someone just tried to rape her. She pointed out the guy, who was still parked on the side of the road, waiting for the girl to calm down and get back in the car (good luck). When he realized these two had stopped to help her, he drove off in his Pontiac Wave. So the “Porsche police” told the girl, who was on the phone with 911, to get in the back of their car and the promptly starting chasing this guy down (Porsche 997 vs. Pontiac Wave), apparently reaching speeds of a buck seventy (over 100mph) throughout the streets of Ottawa. The chase ended when the Porsche police forced the guy to make the wrong move into a Mcdonalds drive thru, where the real police had set up a roadblock (it was very likely the cops were eating chicken nuggets at the time). The suspect was charged with… *deep breath* sexual assault, forcible confinement, uttering death threats, dangerous driving, impaired operation of a vehicle, and driving over the legal limit of intoxication.

The Porsche Police
The Porsche Police

So apparently the jury (aka the canadian public) are split on the Porsche police’s actions. Some say that the guys are heroes for chasing the suspect down which eventually led to his arrest, while others think they had no right to speed through the streets to get him. The cops are keeping their mouth’s shut on the situation, even leaving it out of the official press release, because the guys were on the phone with 911 at the time, and were not told to give up the chase. Sure, they could have easily just taken the guys licence plate and told the cops and let them deal with it, but where’s the fun in that? This was probably the only time in the driver’s whole life that he was legally able to tear through the streets as fast as his hot whip would allow. The police are not pressing charges against the men, but at the same time, they aren’t condoning what they did. They are attempting a bit of damage control by saying that nobody should pursue a criminal, rather alert the police then let them do their job. What do you think?


Ken Block Gymkhana….the BEST videos on Youtube.

This should be old news for some of you, but for those that haven’t already seen these videos, you are in for a hell of a treat. I’ll quickly explain what Gymkhana is, then I’ll let you take a look.

Gymkhana is basically a form of autocross that involves incredibly complex courses that often need to be memorized in order to be dominated. The driver has to know the course inside out, turn by turn in order to come out with the best time. So Ken Block, who is part owner of DC Shoes as well as part of Subaru’s Rally Team USA, has made these videos just to rub it in our face how awesome his life is. He gets to drive a firebreathing rally-spec Subaru Impreza STI (although IT IS the hatchback version..yuck), and let me be the first to tell you, he drives this car like a hero. You know what, instead of telling you, I’ll just show you. The first one is a warmup, and the second one is my favourite video on Youtube. The final one is one part funny, one part awesome. You ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO WATCH THIS IN HD…NO EXCUSES. (the camera they are using in the second/third video is phenomenal). Enjoy.

Top Gear’s Clarkson…”It’s poop again!”


So Jeremy Clarkson, AKA the coolest man on tv AKA the owner of the best job in the world (do you own a job…? what is the correct terminology?) has been dealt a stinky blow from an enviromentalist group for his part in the best show of all time popular TV show, Top Gear in the UK. Clarkson is known for driving cars so hard that they sing spiritual songs while they work. And not just any cars. This guy has the opportunity to drive the best of the best, as Top Gear has one of the largest budgets for a TV show…ever. BBC pumps enormous amounts of money into this show so they can do ridiculous things like race a Bugatti Veyron against a Eurofigher (thats a fighter jet, in case you didn’t know). They can afford to do this because it’s one of the most popular shows on British TV. (Even my Grandma watches it…and she drives a Volvo).

Anyway, as I’m sure everyone knows, most of the nicest cars in the world are also the most offensive to the environment. To make matters worse, Clarkson seems to have an issue with every and any hybrid or electric car that he drives. So a group of women from some stupid environmentalist group called Climate Rush decided to dump a carriage sized load of cow sh*t on the lawn of Clarkson’s mansion, thinking that they would make some sort of statement to him. Newsflash you tree hugging retards…all he’s going to do is pull up into the driveway in his Lamborghini Gallardo droptop, take a look at his massive lawn…continue driving..park the car…grab his cellphone…call his gardeners, and ask them nicely to come clean up the front yard…then go into his mansion and have a cup of tea. A job well done you creepy hippies…this shows what caliber of people environmentalists are….children who think its funny to put shit on people’s porches. The only difference is that children do it for fun and light it on fire, environmentalists do it to give their pathetic lives some sort of purpose. Seriously…you want to better the world? Put all the time you waste pulling publicity stunts into something constructive. God forbid these idiots ACTUALLY do something that benefits the world, like volunteering at recycling plants or planting trees. That’s too hard…after all, the ARE hippies…to do this sort of stuff they’d actually have to put on SHOES.

Murdered Out vs. Chromed Out: What balls harder?

So this isn’t so much of a post as it is a showcase of absolutely vomit-all-over-yourself disgusting cars. The type of cars that make you wanna slap your momma. Well I was pondering an issue….if you could….would you murder out  your hot ride or would you chrome it out? take a look at a couple of the comparisons, then make a cumulative decision at the end of the post on the poll…Murder it, or Chrome it?

Lambo Murcielago
Lambo Murcielago

Rolls Phantom
Rolls Phantom
Bentley GT
Bentley GT
The 599 Ferrari
The 599 Ferrari

So…take a good look at the masterpieces above, decide which out of each comparison you like better, then add up your Murdered cars to your Chromed cars, and answer this….

Reduce Carbon Emissions? pffffff…Mansory Doesn’t think so.


Mansory (yup, same guys that did the bubblegum Bentley) has done it again. They have managed to blow my socks off. (no… literally…I can’t find them anywhere…I checked under my bed and everything). Behold, the flippin ridiculous carbon fibre whore of an aston martin Mansory Cyrus. Aston Martin’s are generally considered classy vehicles, but there is no class when it comes to the Cyrus. This thing is a pure, unadulterated carbon fibre orgasm. The WHOLE CAR is carbon fibre, except for the rear bumper which was apparently too hard to mold in CF for whatever reason, so they had to use  adhesive to glue a carbon fibre shell on the original panels. So I guess the whole car is not really carbon fibre. But STILL. This is the most amazing piece of work I’ve seen in CF since the Koenigsegg CCXR. As a matter of fact, this kicks the living shit out of the CCXR design-wise (lets forget the racetrack for a second). This might very well be the hottest carbon fibre car in the world.

forget the carbon fibre for a second and check out that bodywork.
forget the carbon fibre for a second and check out that bodywork.

So enough rambling, I want to keep this short so I can post lots of pics instead of sending you to a link to get them. You want one of these? Then you better be willing to go out and buy yourself a brand new Aston DB9, which’ll run you anywhere between $180K and $200K USD, then get ahold of Mansory, write them a cheque for $558,000 and Voila! You’ll have one in your garage! While they rip apart your brand new Aston and strip it naked in favour of charcoal, Mansory also does a quick engine tune which pushes the stock engine up 28 horses. Is it worth 3/4 of a million bucks? Um yea, look at it. They’d move an SLR out of the top valet spot if you pulled up in this. That’s cool. (Check out more pics here. Seriously. Do it.)


Frankfurt Motor Show Part Zwei (2).

More hot ‘nanners coming out of Germany today. Here is the other part of my first post today, as I ran out of time and couldn’t post about the rest of the cars in my top 10 (which I had to cut down to top 5). So you have seen numbers 1-5 (and keep in mind these cars are not in any particular order), here is 6-10.

6. Maserati GranCabrio

The Maserati Gran Turismo is probably my favourite car (if you’re incorporating value for money of course….I’m thinking realistically here…5 year plan…), and what better way to make it more awesome than to turr’ the roof off that motherfather? Now I’m not a huge convertible fan (Unless you’re talking Lamborghini LP-640 or Reventon), but the fact that this is the ONLY italian production convertible that has full 4 person seating makes it a pretty tempting concept…but I’d still take the coupe. Feel free to disagree. (as always, more pics here)


7. Mercedes SLS AMG

I already posted on this car as well, so I’ll just state the facts if you missed my first post…6.3L v12. 571bhp. 0-60 in 3.8. Here it is in the flesh. (more pics here)


8. Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Even though the previous year’s model was pretty ridiculously wild, the 2010 model is buckin’ fonkers. You have to be a certain caliber of awesome to drive a car like this. It might look like a toy, but this thing goes like a fat kid running after the ice cream truck.Full rollcage, carbon fibre everything….it is actually a street legal racecar. (more here)


9. Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 FSI Quattro

Quite a mouthful, but its really the same car I posted about a couple of days ago, its just that Audi has now OFFICIALLY released it as the Audi R8 Spyder 5.2 FSI Quattro. If you don’t already know (and you should), the 5.2 refers to the 5.2L v10 engine which has been poached from the R8’s sexier, faster, all around more attractive italian cousin, the Lamborghini Gallardo. Hello. I know alot of you guys commented on how hot the colour was of the one in my last post (the chocolate rocket is what I called it), so a white one may not be as exciting but here it is anyway.


10. Bugatti Galibier

Ok, so this car doesn’t exactly fit in this post, because all the above cars (all 9 I’ve posted before this one), are all production cars that debuted at Frankfurt. This is neither a production car (its a concept), nor was it unveiled at Frankfurt (it was unveiled to a select few bugatti owners/other invited guests the other day at a special event the other day). But I’m sure neither of these facts will concern you when I tell you this is essentially the FOUR DOOR VEYRON. Thats right. Its a Bugatti sedan that they aim to have in production by 2013. Its got the same insane W16 engine with 4 turbos that can drain a full tank of gas in 12 minutes at top speed that the Veyron has, but its only estimated to hit 217mph. Bummer. Regardless, the design is amazing, and I might even like it more than the Veyron. This is one you have to MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE LINK so you can see more pictures. Design cues to look out for. RIDICULOUS interior, intense exhaust pipes and Bentley Conti-esque tail end. Here’s your first taste.


Frankfurt Motor Show 2009: First Day Update

Sorry I haven’t posted for over 24 hours, but I’ve actually been busy for once. Anyway, I have a small window of time so i thought I’d feed you with your Daily Dale fix.

The Frankfurt Motor Show started today, and my oh my, is it a big one. Because of the world’s economic crisis that has been ongoing for the past year (but according to Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke, as of today,  is “very likely over”), the automotive industry had halted alot of research and development, and even pulled out of some of the biggest car shows (read: Detroit), but it looks like the big boys are back in style at Frankfurt today. Let’s just take a look at the list of companies unveiling new vehicles. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Aston Martin, Maserati and BMW. Yup, that about sums up every big boy in the industry.

Some of these unveilings are significantly more exciting than others, and for time’s (and interest’s) sake, I’m going to focus on those. (If you want to see an uninteresting new car, check out the BMW  X1)

Here are the top 5 showcases of the day.

1. The Lamborghini Reventon Roadster.

I’ve previously posted about this car, so I wont go into detail, but here it is, in the flesh, officially unveiled. Hands down the sexiest drop top on the planet. I dare you to argue with me. (More pics here)


2. The Ferrari 458 Italia.

The first mid-engined car that Ferrari has built from the ground up for over a decade. Controversial styling apparently, ….but I don’t really understand whats controversial about this. It’s sicker than a fat broad with bedsores. (More here)

458 italia

3. Bentley Mulsanne.

First time that Bentley has shyed away from the classic 4 round lights on the front fascia in a long, long while. They didn’t shy away by much, but the upgraded look to the big Bentley is unique and awesome. (More here


4.  Rolls Royce Ghost

The baby Phantom…but hardly a baby with a 6.6 V12 producing 563hp (More here)


5.  Aston Martin Rapide

4 door Aston FINALLY comes out. (More here)


More to come later.

Hubba Bubba Bentley

bubblegum insides...
bubblegum insides...

Check out the new offering from German based tuning house Mansory. This Bentley Continental GT has one of the sickest interiors I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, you can’t have one. Not only does it have a price tag of €269,000 (almost 400 grand USD), but they are only making three of them. The company, who are famous for radical modifications on British cars, also have tuning programs for Aston Martins, the Ferrari 599, the McLaren SLR, and the Bugatti Veyron. Although their modified Bugatti Veyron, called the Vincero, is an amazing piece of work, costing a million bucks ON TOP of the Bugatti’s already insane 1.4 million dollar ticket price, their stand out vehicle, and the one that made them famous (and coincidentally one of my favourite cars of all time), is the murdered out Rolls Phantom Conquistador. Just check out this disgusting piece of work.


Anyway, back to the Bubblegum Bentley, aptly titled the Vitesse Rose. There’s a good reason I only showed you the interior, as the outside of the car is fugly. I don’t mind the bodywork, but the combination of Pepto pink and Carbon fibre looks like a Fast and the Furious car gone wrong. And a Fast and the Furious reference should NEVER be made when talking about a Bentley. See for yourself below. (For more pics, hit up Autoblog’s post).


Car Configurators Galore! The best way to waste time daydreaming…

Its Saturday, so I’m lying in bed watching soccer from across the pond. On the TV I’m watching Liverpool vs. Burnley and on the computer is Arsenal vs. Manchester City. I love Saturdays.

But because I’m watching soccer, I don’t have time to post anything deep or insightful, or even remotely interesting, so instead I’ve provided links to one of my favourite internet pasttimes. Car Configurators! I absolutely love being able to option out expensive cars, and the more comprehensive the configurator, the more fun. So I’ve compiled a list, starting with the best ones, so that you can waste the next hour building the car (or cars) of your dreams. Enjoy!

Bugatti Configurator


Aston Martin Configurator


Bentley Configurator


Maserati Configurator


So those are the most comprehensive of the car configurators…I will include links, but not pictures for a couple others which only have basic paint/interior schemes. The 4 that you see above should kill an ample amount of time as it is. Hope you enjoy.

Porsche Configurator

Mercedes SLS Configurator

Lotus Configurator

And last but DEFINATELY not least, I set up an account and lied my way into the official Ferrari owners website (the only place you can configurate Ferrari’s)

The website link is here and to login in, use these details


password: thedailydale

(please dont be a douche and change any of the info in the Ferrari Owner’s account…I set up the account for the sole reason of sharing it with you guys, and it was difficult, as I had to enter a valid Ferrari VIN number. So enjoy as much as you like, but don’t ruin the fun for everyone else)

Then, once your in, go to the Atelier, and play away!!

Salt and Pepper
Salt and Pepper

Italian Origami: The Lamborghini Reventon Roadster

Recently, a close friend of mine and I had an interesting conversation about supercars. When I say supercars, I mean the recent wave of technological behemoths that retail for over a million dollars, from some of the world’s most prestigious car companies. I asked my friend the best “If you won the lottery” question that I’ve thought of for a good while. If you won the lottery, would you buy a Bugatti Veyron, an Aston Martin One-77 or a Lamborghini Reventon?
After going back and forth for a bit, he concluded that he would take the Bugatti Veyron, without a doubt. I disagreed.
The Bugatti Veyron costs 1.4 million dollars, goes 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, and has a top speed over 250 miles per hour. (It DOES have a 1001 horsepower V16 engine with 4 goddamn turbos). Its rare, but not too rare cause Scott Storch has one had one (he is now a broke bum who doesn’t pay child support). So if someone as common as Scott Storch could have one, then anyone who has the money could get their hands on one…with a little effort. There are also seven different special edition Veyrons. Too common for me.

The Aston Martin One-77 costs 1.2 million POUNDS. It hits 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, and tops out at 212 mph. Under the hood lies a 750hp V12 engine. They have made a limited run of 77 of these beasts (all spoken for). Although it is an absolutely gorgeous car, both inside and out…it looks a bit too much like an Aston. Now thats not a bad thing, but when you’re dropping 2 million USD on a vehicle, you want to make sure that it looks like 2 million bucks…and the Aston, although beautiful, just doesn’t. (It’s also too classy for me, but thats another post altogether).
So now that we’ve looked at these two amazing machines (albeit in brief), you might be thinking..”how insane can the Lamborghini Reventon possibly be??”. Absolutely, positively f**king insane.
The Lamborghini Murcielago, the car upon which the Reventon is based, is already one hell of a car. It is also one of the most eye catching vehicles you are likely to see on the street. So some ridiculously cool italian gentleman over at Lamborghini had a vision (likely derived from a wet dream), about a Murcielago making sweet love to a fighter jet, and pooping out a baby. Well this is what that baby would look like.

This gentleman must have had some pull at Lambo headquarters, because his wet dream became a reality that we can now all salivate over. The Lamborghini Reventon itself is an amazing, amazing vehicle, but my the straw that broke the camel’s back in my decision to ditch the Veyron and the One77 was the upcoming Roadster pictured above (and below). This thing’s wider than an airplane passenger requiring two seats, lower than a dead man’s blood pressure, and has more folds in the sheetmetal than even the most complicated of origami sculptures (are they considered sculptures? hmmm…). A price tag of 1.2 million euros gets you one of NINE Reventon Roadsters, packing  the biggest engine lambo has ever made, the V12 from the recently released LP 670-4 Super Veloce. Considering the Reventon coupe would run you to 60mph in 3.4 seconds, and keep going until it hit 212 mph, (with the standard Murcielago engine), you can expect the Roadster to be  an f’n quick little dandy.

So now maybe you understand why I chose the Reventon over the Bugatti and the One77. In reality, speed is only a number…unless you live in Germany (and who does), you can rarely really enjoy the speed of any of these cars. The technological advancements in the Bugatti are just not my style. There is no substitute for raw, unadulterated power. The closer to a race car the better. So the Bugatti’s out. For many of the same reasons, the Aston is out, but also, because it just doesn’t stand out in this crowd. The Bugatti is unique in design, like nothing else on the road, but the Aston just looks like…well…an Aston. I could essentially get the same wow factor from bystanders on the street by spending 300 grand on a DBS. I just can’t justify the other 1.7 million.
But the Lambo is a work of art, its loud and obnoxious, and you are one of 9 people in the world who have one. 9. not even 10. You have to be INVITED to buy this car. You can sit at Lamborghini’s doorstep with twice the msrp in your hands begging and pleading to buy the car and they  would politely tell you to “vattene”. Now thats as cool as it gets.